SimBin Studios AB

With nearly 10 years of game development experience, an award winning game portfolio, and strong partners active in the real life motorsports industry, SimBin Studios is strengthening its position as the leading game developer for realistic racing experiences.

From its conception in 2003, SimBin developers have always viewed
strong ties to the real life motorsport scene as an essential part of development, SimBin’s founder Henrik Roos was a champion racecar driver who competed in both the Swedish GTR Championship and the FIA GT World Championship series. Now, nearly a decade later SimBin´s ties to real life automotive and motorsport industries have grown even stronger.

In 2011 SimBin Studios was acquired by Klaus Wohlfarth, a pioneer in automotive performance hardware and the founder of KW Automotive. KW Automotive has established business relationships in motorsports circles around the world as a leading manufacturer of high-end suspension technology for normal as well as racing cars. With a devotion to innovation and technology, KW has become a name synonymous with success, on and off the racetrack. Take a peek under the fenders of some of the hottest cars tearing up the Nordschleife in Germany and you’re likely to see the purple and yellow KW trademark. Today the CEO at SimBin and a former race driver himself, Klaus Wohlfarth has long enjoyed authentic race gaming as well.

With this change in leadership, SimBin studios began developing RaceRoom Racing Experience for publisher RaceRoom Entertainment AG.

“My love and passion for motorsports runs deep, it’s a big part of who I am and racing has brought so much joy to my life. Now it is my goal to provide the thrill of competition motorsports to everyone, anywhere, in a manner which is suitable for all ages. We have the hardware and software accessible to the world, whether from the comfort of your own home, or while out for a night of fun with friends, we provide the means to experience real racing in the virtual world.

In my opinion there is no greater rush than that of beating a friend or rival in high speed motorsports competition. It requires a tremendous level of concentration and focus unmatched by anything else I’ve done. It’s extremely rewarding. “

- Klaus Wohlfarth

SimBin Studios AB employs more than 50 people, consisting of 35 employees at the headquarters in Lidköping, as well as 15 distributed consultant’s worldwide. We have a long history of delivering the world’s most accessible and exciting race gaming experiences, and we’re just getting started.


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